CU 1200


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CU1200 140 gr.
Item no. 810 800  Brush can 140 g
Item no. 810 001  Can 1000 g

CU 1200 is a gold paste that contains soft solid lubricants. It is free from silicone, graphite and lead.

CU 1200 prevents the seizing up of screw threads, rods, pivots, flanges and contact surfaces that are exposed to high temperature loads, salt water and aggressive media. It is used to lubricate brake calipers and prevent corrosion on disc brakes.

CU 1200 acts as a non-melting grease on slow-running mechanisms subject to heavy loads at continuous temperatures of up to +160°C. But it can also successfully be exposed to higher temperatures on a temporary basis.

It is not suitable for aluminium and magnesium rims.

CU 1200 is not electrically conductive and so has no impact on the sensors of ABS systems.


  • reduces fretting corrosion and seizing up
  • resistant to 10% hydrochloric acid and in saturated brine
  • prevents water ingress
  • high pressure resistance
  • prevents seizing up of screws, bolts, threads and wheel hubs
  • very good water resistance
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +1200°C
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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
810 800 140 g Brush can 1 box (contains 12 cans)
810 001 1000 g Can Single can
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