Neoval Oil Rustguard

Corrosion protection

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Rustguard 10l.
Item no. 826 010  Canister 10 l
Rustguard 25l.
Item no. 826 025  Canister 25 l

Neoval Rustguard contains high-quality additives that leave behind a dry, waxy
protective film on metal surfaces following the quick evaporation of the carrier medium. This film infiltrates water and does not bond any dust. It does not form a surface on steel or non-ferrous metals.


  • non-emulsifying
  • forms a thin protective layer resistant to hand perspiration
  • does not attack paint or machine paint
  • when used as an immersion bath, it allows the added water
  • to sink to the bottom from where it can be drained away separately if necessary.
  • Non-resinous protective film
  • non-drip
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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
826 010 10 l Canister
826 025 25 l Canister
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