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EUROTECH – the workshop and industry professionals

High-quality products and top service from a single source

Over the last 25 years, EUROTECH Maier Ernst GmbH has developed into a large-scale, innovative and renowned provider of professional lubricants and cleaning products for use in workshops and industry. Since being founded by Ernst Maier in 1992, the company has enjoyed continuous growth. Based in Koblach, in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, EUROTECH is now an international player and provides first-class products, individual service and direct delivery to customers around the world, with a particular focus on Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Based on customer needs
EUROTECH has established itself as a reliable partner within the sector, boasting a comprehensive range of top-quality lubricants, adhesives, cleaning agents and care products. The EUROTECH and NEOVAL brands boast products and solutions to meet all possible requirements on the part of workshops and industry. With tailored care products for bicycles recently becoming a particular focus of international demand, EUROTECH has responded accordingly – by developing these special products and adding them to its range.

Tailored service
As an innovative and dynamic company, EUROTECH adapts to constantly changing market conditions. To meet the specialist requirements of workshop and industry customers in a targeted manner, EUROTECH saves time by providing consultation and delivery directly from its headquarters in Koblach – eliminating the middleman from the administration process. EUROTECH has large, cutting-edge storage areas in order to guarantee quick availability, flexibility and just-in-time delivery for all customers.

Direct access for customers and users
So much has been achieved since EUROTECH was founded in 1992. EUROTECH is experiencing continuous growth, constantly introducing innovative products onto the market and intensifying contact with users. The EUROTECH recipe for success will remain the same: premium service and top quality for a fair price.