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Great products, great service.

Great for all customers! EUROTECH NEOVAL, an innovative family business, has been represented in Switzerland (Widnau) for the past 55 years and in Austria (Koblach) for 28 years. We have built up our distribution to customers throughout Europe from these two strong cornerstones. All enquiries are processed directly and orders are delivered within a very short time.

Great products! The product range from EUROTECH NEOVAL currently includes over 70 high-quality and innovative lubricants, adhesives, cleaning agents and care products for garages and industry, including the highly regarded NEOVAL Oil Spray MTO 300. There is a perfect solution for every application – and from a single supplier.

Great service! You can find information and application descriptions for our entire product range on our website: www.eurotech-neoval.com. You can enquire about any product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then order it using your individual customer login. Should you need any personalized advice or support with ordering, the expert EUROTECH NEOVAL team is on hand to guide you.

Great all round! Feedback from our customers and users actively shapes the further development and optimization of our product range and customer service. We thus guarantee a high level of flexibility and availability, as well as reliable just-in-time deliveries. Now and in the future, we will stick to our recipe for success:

Great service and top quality for a fair price.