Uni-Flon Grease

PTFE high-performance grease

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400 ml Aerosoldose
Item no. 812 400  Aerosol can 400 ml

Uni-Flon Grease is a high-performance grease with corrosion protection additives. The high proportion of PTFE means that it is effective between -40°C and approx. +250°C. Very good
adhesion. Does not attack rubber. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Free of acid-free, resin and silicone. Prevents squeaking noises, reduces friction and wear and is highly resistant to pressure. Resistant to salt water, diluted acids and bases. Outstanding penetrating and sliding properties.

Does not run off, even on warm lubrication points or surfaces.

Suitable for O-rings, chains, hinges, joints, rollers, ball bearings, gear wheels, door retaining straps, cable pulleys, plastics,
sliders, ejectors, crane extensions, anti-friction surfaces, spindles, etc.


  • adheres immediately to metal, rubber and plastic
  • excellent penetration capability
  • high pressure resistance
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +250°C
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812 400 400 ml Aerosol can 1 box (contains 12 cans)
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