Neoval Rubin G8 engine

Fuel additive

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Item no. 820 501  Bottle 100 ml.
Item no. 820 550  Bottle 500 ml
Item no. 820 505  Canister 5 l
Item no. 820 555  Set 500 ml + 5 l
Item no. 820 525  Canister 25 l
60 Lt. Fass
Item no. 820 560  Barrel 60 l

Neoval Oil Rubin G8
is a particularly high quality mineral oil-based lubricant that features a high proportion of various active agents such as EP (= ‘Extreme Pressure’) for lubrication and emergency running properties at high temperatures, as well as for reducing friction and wear. Together with additives for cleaning and corrosion protection, this guarantees clean, residue-free combustion of the ingredients and optimises smooth, frictionless operation of the engine. The product contains no solid lubricants and so does not form any solid deposits on metal surfaces. This means the product is effective only when added to the fuels on a regular basis.


  • cleans and lubricates all parts that come into contact with the fuel such as fuel pump, filters, lines, carburettors, injection nozzles, valves and spark plugs – guaranteeing optimum function of these parts..
  • improves cold-start properties and ensures reduced consumption for all mechanical, electronic and combined injection systems. Regular use is beneficial and cost-effective in terms of avoiding costly repairs.
  • prevents combustion residues from the fuel collecting on valves and valve seats, which mainly occurs as a result of short journeys and fuel impurity. These issues can be resolved at an early stage and subsequently avoided.
  • absorbs and eliminates condensation in the fuel tank and prevents corrosion and faults. This also applies to engines that have been preserved or are out of service.
  • increases engine efficiency when used infrequently and especially when bearing a near-full load, which helps increase the full-load torque. 100% combustion means no residues of any kind remain.


    • closeable
    • longer filler

    Note: Turn the cap slightly (about half a turn), pull the filler neck upwards until it clicks into place, screw on the cover, unscrew the cap and fill the tank. If there is a misfuelling protection, do not pierce it!

    Suitable for all 2- or 4-stroke engines! (with or without catalytic converter/particulate filter)

    Mixing ratio:
    As an additive to petrol and diesel:    1:400 (regardless of mileage)

    10 litres of fuel:     25 ml of Rubin G8
    20 litres of fuel:     50 ml of Rubin G8
    30 litres of fuel:     75 ml of Rubin G8
    40 litres of fuel:   100 ml of Rubin G8
    50 litres of fuel:   125 ml of Rubin G8
    60 litres of fuel:   150 ml of Rubin G8

    Kinematic viscosity at 40°C: 38-40 mm²/s
    SAE viscosity: approx. SAE 20W

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    Item no. Contents Container Quantity
    820 501 100 ml. Bottle 1 box (contains 24 bottles)
    820 550 500 ml Bottle 1 box (contains 24 bottles)
    820 505 5 l Canister
    820 555 500 ml + 5 l Set
    820 525 25 l Canister
    820 560 60 l Barrel
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