Neoval Oil Rubin G8

High-performance cutting oil

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Item no. 820 001  Bottle 100 ml
Item no. 820 500  Bottle 500 ml
Item no. 820 005  Canister 5 Lt.
Item no. 820 025  Canister 25 Lt.
60 Lt. Fass
Item no. 820 060  Barrel 60 Lt.
200 Lt. Fass
Item no. 820 200  Barrel 200 Lt.

Neoval Rubin G8 is an indispensable premium product in the metalworking, plastics, wood, paper and textile sectors. It can replace a whole series of individual products thanks to its versatility as a cutting oil, cutting oil additive, drilling oil, grinding oil, lubricant for machines, tools and chains, hydraulic oil, release agent and preservation product. Additives form a separating layer between the tools, ensuring temperature resistance.


  • For the following materials: CrNi, Fe, Ti, Al, cast, non-ferrous metals, precious metals and plastics.
  • Can be used for all metals and alloys, even those very difficult to machine
  • Boost to production and improved quality, e.g.: surface quality, gloss and chip flow, with prevention of burring, built-up edges and clogging up of slugs and chips.


  • reduces friction, temperature and wear
  • prevents built-up edges and clogging up
  • considerably extends tool life
  • free of acids, sulphur and silicone
  • can be mixed with all mineral oils
  • keeps for at least 10 years if stored correctly
  • resistant to high pressures and temperatures (-40°C to +500°C)

Kinematic viscosity at 40°C: 38-40 mm²/s
SAE viscosity: approx. SAE 20W
Density at 20°C: approx. 0.99 g/ml

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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
820 001 100 ml Bottle 1 box (contains 24 bottles)
820 500 500 ml Bottle 1 box (contains 6 bottles)
820 005 5 Lt. Canister
820 025 25 Lt. Canister
820 060 60 Lt. Barrel
820 200 200 Lt. Barrel
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