RTV-Silikonkleber 108

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85 gr. Tube
Item no. 839 085  Tube 85 g
300 gr. Kartusche
Item no. 839 340  Cartridge 300 g

RTV 108 is a ready-to-use transparent silicone adhesive and proven sealant. The designation RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanisation) indicates that this product hardens into a solid, resistant and permanently elastic silicone rubber at room temperature and normal humidity. RTV 108 has excellent electrical properties. The product acts as insulation immediately after application and continues to do so even in widely fluctuating temperatures.


  • replaces old solid seals in the maintenance and repair of machines, such as the housing cover, gearbox, flanges and gearbox case
  • for sealing oil sumps, thermostat housing and gearbox housing covers
  • provides excellent adhesion on glass, metal, most plastics and wood
  • resistant to ozone and UV rays, 50% hydrochloric acid, 50% sulphuric acid, saturated saline solution, ammonia, oil, petrol and methanol
  • Temperature range from -60°C to +250°C
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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
839 085 85 g Tube 1 box (contains 24 tubes)
839 340 300 g Cartridge 1 box (contains 12 cartridges)
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