Neoval Bike-Oil Spray W40

Chain care

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Item no. 822 009  Aerosol can 200 ml
Item no. 820 907  Bottle (without compressed gas) 100 ml
Item no. 820 908  Flasche (ohne Druckgas) 500 ml.

High-tech mineral oil serves as ideal lubrication and wear protection. High penetration capacity, optimum rust and dust protection.

For manual gearboxes, cable pulleys, chains and changers, brake calipers, shock absorbers, fork crowns and all moving parts. Proven to be highly effective with the extreme chain loads on e-bikes.

Viscous – specially for extreme loads in wet conditions

100% neutral to coated cable pulleys.
100% neutral to fork crowns and seals!


  • never clogs up or becomes resinous, free from acids, sulphur and silicone
  • for extreme loads on e-bikes
  • very high penetration capacity; UV-resistant
  • reduces friction and wear
  • contains no solvents
  • resistant to salt water
  • Viscosity: SAE 40W
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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
822 009 200 ml Aerosol can 1 box (contains 12 cans)
820 907 100 ml Bottle (without compressed gas) 1 box (contains 24 bottles)
820 908 500 ml. Flasche (ohne Druckgas) 1 Karton (enthält 6 Flaschen)
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