Chemloc U-900 Bike


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10 gr.
Item no. 900 006  bottle 10 g
Item no. 900 050  bottle 50 g
Item no. 900 250  bottle 250 g

High-strength thread lock, standard type, recommended for permanent thread lock, also suitable for oily surfaces.

Secures screw connections against high-strength vibrations and impacts. Suitable for nuts, bolts and screw threads.

Colour: red
Strength: high
Thread connections up to max. gap: 0.15 mm
Viscosity (25°C mPa.s): 500
Functional strength in hours: 1-3 hrs 
Handling strength in minutes: 10-20 min.
Breakaway torque: 25-35
Prevailing torque: 50-65
Compression shear strength: 15-20
Temperature range °C: -55 to +150

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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
900 006 10 g bottle Single Bottles
900 050 50 g bottle Single Bottles
900 250 250 g bottle Single Bottles
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