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food compatible quick cleanser

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Item no. 830712  Aerosol can 400 ml
Item no. 830710  Canister 10 Lt.

Soft Clean is a mild, highly-effective, food-compatible, quick cleanser that does not damage surfaces. An NSF K1/K3 registered product, it was specially developed for foodstuffs. It is completely residue-free and delivers top cleaning performance when used economically.

It is ideal for cleaning assembly components and tools in the manufacture of medical equipment, food packaging and toys. It is suitable for cleaning commercial food-processing equipment such as cold-storage rooms and kitchen equipment etc.

It can be used as a cleanser and degreaser for all metals, glass and ceramics in workshops, factories and households.

The product can also be used for cleaning and degreasing all kinds of metal, in particular when pre-treating for varnishing and priming, as it removes traces of moisture from metal surfaces thoroughly. It is also very suitable for removing traces of silicon from metal.

Spray the parts to be cleaned until the dirt and fat are washed away or spray on and then wipe off with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary. Do not spray plastic parts or varnished surfaces!


  • NSF-registered product
  • top cleaning performance when used economically
  • removes soiling by oil and fat
  • leaves no residue after evaporation
  • does not affect rubber; compatible with most plastics
  • guarantees absolutely clean surfaces
  • removes old and resinified oil and fat residues
  • removes silicon and adhesive residues
  • non-corrosive
  • for commercial food-processing equipmentfor cleaning warehouses and machine parts
  • for cleaning warehouses and machine parts
  • for preparing adhesive surfaces
  • cleans and degreases metals, glass and ceramics etc.
  • thoroughly removes all traces of moisture from metal surfaces

The effective ingredient is made from a rapidly-evaporating solvent mixture.

Density: 0.64 g/ml

NSF Registration N°:
156994, 400 ml Soft Clean
156993, 10 l Soft Clean

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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
830712 400 ml Aerosol can 1 box (contains 12 cans)
830710 10 Lt. Canister
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