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Wash box cleaner and sanitary cleaner

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Item no. 837 117  Canister 10 l

R-17 is an acidic, highly effective tile cleaner and sanitary cleaner.
For all acid-resistant tiles and stainless steel surfaces.

Car washes, truck and bus cleaning depots,
toilet facilities, urinals, swimming pools, etc.
Suitable for removing flash rust from various metals

Not suitable on: limestone, marble, granite and Solnhofen slabs

PROPERTIES: Descaling agent, boiler scale remover, urine scale remover, cement and lime film remover. Also removes greasy and oily soiling as well as all mineral soiling.
pH value: highly acidic

Use pure or dilute with water up to 1:10 in case of low levels of soiling
(depending on degree of soiling).
Apply to the surface to be cleaned and treat with a brush or sponge. Low exposure time thanks to the high-quality ingredients.
Rinse well with high-pressure cleaner or powerful jet of water.

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837 117 10 l Canister
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