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Grease and resin solvent

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Item no. 837 510  Canister 5 l

L-10 is an alkaline, phosphate-free special product featuring high quality ingredients for cleaning away dirt that is greasy or firmly attached. It is particularly suitable for removing animal and vegetable oil and grease. Loosens stubborn, sticky and burned-on residue.

Food industry, bakeries, slaughterhouses, smokehouses, facilities for processing meat products, grill stations, sewage treatment plants, machinery and car industry, wood industry and sharpening services. Suitable for floor-cleaning machines.
For application on:
metal, concrete, plastic, ceramics, clinker bricks, etc.
Not suitable for aluminium!

Cleaning: manually or by spraying and dipping, in ultrasound and hot water devices.

Mixing ratio depending on soiling up to 1:10.

Can be diluted up to 1:80 with low levels of soiling
For higher levels of soiling, increase the exposure time and also treat with a sponge or brush. Then rinse well with clear and, if possible, hot water (high-pressure cleaner).
Note: Hot water increases effectiveness.

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837 510 5 l Canister
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