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Cleaning concentrate

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Bio Clean 10l.
Item no. 832 010  Canister 10 l
Bioclean 25 Lt.
Item no. 832 025  Canister 25 Lt.
200 Lt. Fass
Item no. 832 200  Barrel 200 l

Bio-Clean is an ideal solvent-free all-purpose, engine and machine cleaner. It removes oil, grease and dirt deposits in an environmentally neutral process that protects the material. The very high proportion of the active agent ensures outstanding cleaning power. It causes no irritation – even with extended use – and is viscous, water-dilutable and does not break up underbody protection or cavity protection.

Good-quality car shampoo 1:40 to 1:50
Also suitable for automatic/tempered parts washing systems up to 60 degrees
Mixing ratio up to 1:40 depending on soiling and temperature

at 1°C: 7,5
at 20°C, 100 %: 9,0


  • biodegradable
  • neutral scent
  • high proportion of active agent

Mixing ratio: Bio Clean: Water                                                    

Engines, machines and vehicle underbodies: 1:5
Trucks, tarpaulins and chassis: 1:10 to 20
Workshop floors, facades, walls, etc.: 1:20 to 50

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Item no. Contents Container Quantity
832 010 10 l Canister
832 025 25 Lt. Canister
832 200 200 l Barrel
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